Why a Website, Why Now? Why Choose The Real Ganj Father?

For the small group that knows me already this post may be somewhat of a refresher so skip ahead if you get bored. This is more geared towards the rest of you, that don't know me and whos trust I haven't earned yet.

The Real Ganj Father isn't just an overnight brand I came up with because CBD and Cannabis is a new fad. The Real Ganj Father is my way of combining over 15 years of experience, knowledge and activism into a productive and profitable CBD and Cannabis products and services company which helps serve a still yet untapped market. Cannabis in general has been my life since I was a teenager. No I wasn't your typical skeevy stoner - I don't think many of us are - but I did find a passion in cannabis that I decided I wanted to perfect and share with anyone that was willing to appreciate it.

My first serious years in cannabis I spent on the horticultural side of things. Being located in the Pacific Northwest at that time we had to do everything indoors due to lack of any type of sunlight. The learning curve was rough at first I'll admit but I always had drive to be better than everyone else in whatever I do.

In hindsight it really doesn't seem like it took that long but after dialing in a good system with great strains we started to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted brands in our area.


Once most of us have been growing for a short amount of time we realize that a large crop of stinky, frosty and chunky buds in front of us doesn't mean that's all there is to profit from, it's really only a small piece of the puzzle. The most valuable and profitable lesson I think I learned was when I discovered that I could actually utilize every piece of a plant, whether I was profiting from it or recycling it for personal well being, none of it needed to be thrown away without further processing.

This was one of those full circle moments for me since one of my passions and hobbies when I was younger was organic chemistry and alchemy. Since I don't want to bore you (yet) with all the specifics of those processes just know that's what has driven me to experimentation and find the most pure and refined versions of all the products I work with.


I could keep boring you with back stories like being one of the first store-front dispensaries successfully opened in the Seattle area - or said dispensary getting raided (still sorry about that Mrs. Ganj Father 😬) - but I think if I still have your attention I'll get to the point - Why a website, why now and why choose The Real Ganj Father products?

Short answer is because I truly believe in what I do.

I believe in producing the most refined, pure and enjoyable CBD and Cannabis products available without taking shortcuts. Whether I'm working with a local US hemp farm sourcing the cleanest starting materials in the country or I'm working in the distillation lab for 72 hours straight making sure our distillate come out pristine for our finished products, there's always one constant. Me.

We've been providing Ganj Father products and services to our local communities now for over a decade. We're at the point now where it's time to grow and this website is my attempt at reaching further than my own backyard. I know there are a lot of other CBD companies out there. My question is - can you reach out to those companies and communicate directly with the person who sourced, refined, and blended your CBD products?

You can with The Real Ganj Father.

No matter how big we get - and I hope we get huge - you'll always know that The Real Ganj Father will never forget his roots and will stay hands in every part of the process.

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