Welcome to The Real Ganj Father's New Website!

If you're reading this that means that I was actually successful in creating and publishing our new website and all its features! Things have advanced a lot since I built my first website so bare with me while we grow and develop over time.

I created this Blog portion of the site so I could have direct communication to my clients and have a centralized spot to drop any CBD and Cannabis related news, updates, product highlights and possible soap box rants. I won't promise that everything I post will be super informative, but I will promise that it will be entertaining at least!

There are already a few amazing products live with many more to come, so go check out the shop if you haven't already.

Also be sure to register as a member and join our forums where we hope to build one hell of a community and I'll have more personal interaction with everyone.

That's all for this blog post. Stay tuned for the next post where I'll explain more why I built the site.

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