Product Spotlight: TRGF Raw CBD

Since our CBD Distillate is the star of all of the products we list on the site I figured it would be the best product to start off the showcases with.

There is a lot of CBD on the market right now, and as a consumer I imagine it's quite difficult to figure out who's got the most pure and reliable products. I'll say this, being in the industry I've seen a lot of CBD material being imported into the USA from other countries with much less stringent guidelines than we have. This material sells for pennies on the dollar which makes it extremely attractive to some companies trying to mass produce in bulk to make a quick buck.

In my opinion I feel that there are plenty of American grown Hemp farms who deserve our business that are doing things the right way while following the guidelines set forth by our great country. Sure there may be slight increase in investment on everyone's part but it's a small price to pay for assured quality and to keep our jobs local.

I work directly with a local CBD farm here in the Central Valley near Fresno, CA. They are a midsized family run farm that puts more emphasis on quality than profit. I've worked with many farmers over my years and these guys not only know their shit, but they actually care about the end products they produce.

At their facility they grow THC Free hemp on their massive plot of land, then come harvest time they yield actual metric tons of flowers. From there they use their state of the art extraction process to extract hundreds of gallons of filtered, decarboxylated and winterized crude oil that's ready to be distilled.

Crude oil is a dark almost black concentrated CBD material that's almost the consistency of molasses when it's warm.

Typically when I get crude oil in house it's at about a 60% CBD purity and concentration level. Which sounds pretty decent but the other 40% is filled with undesirables that can and sometimes need to be be refined out to finish with a more pure end product.

My job is to get it to that wonderful 90% or more purity level which is achieved in my lab via Short Path Distillation or SPD for short. SPD refined crude oil is what produces a golden amber and almost clear CBD Distillate. When you refine it this well you have a CBD Distillate that can be used as a additive in just about anything without adding any unwanted flavors or scents.

When you shop for CBD and CBD Products with The Real Ganj Father you can rest assured you're getting the best and most refined version of CBD available. Our prices should be better than most of the over seas sourced CBD Products, if not we are close, but you'll still get more for your money when our products have twice their quality.

Whether you're looking for small amounts or Bulk CBD we've got you covered. If you have any questions don't be shy, be sure to reach out!

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