You Ask. We Answer.

What locations do you ship to?

We gladly service all the states that currently allow the sale of CBD and CBD products within the United States. Unfortunately there are six states that have not legalized the sale of CBD or do not recognize out of state deliveries. These states are;

  • Hawaii

  • Idaho

  • Iowa

  • Mississippi

  • New Hampshire

  • South Dakota

See our Terms of Use for more info.

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

First we begin with all naturally occurring and locally sourced materials. We've partnered with a local Hemp farm that provides the cleanest and most potent starting material for our full spectrum CBD base. Once the CBD concentrate is in house I personally refine it to a 95% or more potency full spectrum distillate.
We are a small but mighty mom and pop store, we specialize in small batch, craft style production runs. This means that our hands are on every part of the manufacturing process from - farm to table - ensuring only the best quality products make it to our customers.

What is CBD?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that CBD is a 100% naturally-occurring compound (called a cannabinoid) located within the cannabis plant.  Dozens of other cannabinoids (such as THCV, CBC, CBG, etc) exist and have been identified in cannabis, but they typically aren’t thought to have much of an effect. As a matter of fact, THC and CBD make up to be 90% of the total cannabinoid content studied in the marijuana plant.

Is CBD Marijuana?

Since CBD is simply an active chemical compound of the marijuana plant, it wouldn’t be correct to say that “CBD is marijuana” – it’s just a part of it.
When most people think of marijuana, they think of regular “weed” that you would roll up into a joint and smoke to get high. This is NOT how CBD works. Rather, CBD (after it has been extracted from the plant, of course) is typically taken as an oil rather than smoked.
There are actually several different ways that CBD can be taken ingested – none of which produce the stereotypical marijuana “high.”

What Are the Effects of CBD?

The effects of CBD are 100% natural – like we’ve mentioned a few times now, it produces no psychoactive or intoxicating effects whatsoever.
As such, people will take CBD on a day-to-day basis generally.

What Is the Endocannabinoid System?

In order to have an idea of how CBD oil works, one has to have a general understanding of the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

Basically, the ECS is the human body’s very own “internal” cannabis system. It includes a network of neurotransmitters and receptors that, believe it or not, are virtually identical to the active compounds found in marijuana. These compounds work together with cell and tissue types all throughout the body.

In fact, the naturally-occurring neurotransmitters and receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system are so widespread throughout the body that doctors have labeled it as perhaps the most “central component of the health and healing of every human being.” The only reason we haven’t heard much about it over the years is because it’s only recently been discovered – in the 1990’s to be exact, by famous scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

What Is CBD oil?

CBD oil, of course, is simply the end product of pure CBD that has been extracted from the raw cannabis or hemp plant.
Actually, truth be told that is a bit of an over-simplification — it’s worth mentioning that 100% pure CBD actually exists as a crystalline solid, not dissimilar from salt in terms of appearance. The oil, then, is simply used as a molecular “carrier” of sorts that allows the body to ingest the compound easily, and metabolize it thoroughly and efficiently.